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Pilardiere Group enlarges its e-services range

After the launching of its e-orders website during 2013, the Pilardiere Group makes available for its customers two new solutions online starting from January 2016.



First, an electronic documents management solution which will allow its customers to constantly reach directly their personal documentation and from any place. The software is available via a web portal and the customers are able to consult the technical documentation and the advice of the experts in nutrition of the Pilardiere Group.

The second one, a simple and flexible formulation software, will give the opportunity to technicians to adapt the mineral complementation to the specific needs of the herd. Developed on behalf of the Pilardiere Group for its customers, the software will propose an edition of the offer directly in the breeding and a simultaneous transmission for an immediate taking into account of the order. The choice of the technical solutions will be entirely customizable by the distributors, which will be able to manage their profile in a completely autonomous way.

Two ways for the Pilardiere Group of accompanying its customers in the new era of retailing!

Pilardiere Group enlarges its e-services range
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