Sophy Care

It is a range of 4 nutritional supplements integrating the original Sophy mer inside®. concept.

care stim Sophy Care stim® is the combination of yeast, hepatoprotective substances, oligo organic elements, vitamins and an appetite stimulator.
Its objective is to revive and stimulate the appetite of ruminants during critical phases of growth (weaning and preparation for reproduction).
 care sel Sophy Care sel® contains nutrients that modulate immunity. It is a combination of vitamin E, organic selenium, iodine and SOD (antioxidant).
Its objective is to prepare estrus and reproduction, weaning and critical phases of growth.
 care clean Sophy Care clean® is a combination of lipotropic factors, vitamins active in liver metabolism and hepatoprotective essential oils.
Its objective is to reduce the risk of hepatic steatosis syndrome.
 care vit Sophy Care vit® is an exclusive association of vitamins and polyphenols that contains 100% chelated trace elements.
Its objective is to prepare for oestrus and reproduction, skin protection and quality of Phaneres.