Sophy Bloc

Sophy Bloc® is our range of mineral licking stones.

vache-bloc Sophy Bloc Na Pur® is a sub-range composed of stone of sea salt, rock salt or natural salt of quarry.
Sophy Bloc Standard® is a block of salt with the addition of 7 minerals for an optimal nutritional balance.
Sophy Bloc Oligo®is a block with a high intake of Mn, Zn and Cu guaranteeing the robustness of the skeleton, the proper functioning of the reproductive organs and a good health of the epidermis and the bristle.
Sophy Bloc Ovino® is a block designed exclusively for sheep and goats. It is essential during periods of gestation, breastfeeding and growth.
Our other products in the range : Sophy Bloc Reproduction®, Sophy Bloc Pature®, Sophy Bloc Phos®, Sophy Bloc Ovin®, Sophy Bloc B® (use in organic agriculture), Sophy Bloc Digest®(with yeast) and our unique block Sophy Blac 20000®.