Animal nutrition

Benefitting from over 40 years’ experience, Pilardière is one of the most efficient and innovative companies in the industrial production of pre-mixed minerals for livestocks and bedding litters, particularly at our Rémond facility. The range of presentations makes it a strategic partner in distribution.

Pilardière is able to supply a customised mineral range :
  • Designed by our expert teams working in animal nutrition
  • Coming from our standard scientifically approved offer..

In our efforts to offer you guidance and service, Pilardière is continuing a strategy to develop products dedicated to customers.

Our brands

marquesSophy Mer® Is our product range developed from marine algae for ruminants.
Based on these products, we developed the concept Sophy Mer INSIDE®.
Sophy Spé® is our nutritional specialty range..
Sophy Care® is a range of 4 nutritional supplements integrating the original Sophy mer inside®. concept.
Sophy Min® is a complete range of mineral foods that meets the needs of animals according to the type of ration and zootechnical objectives pursued and containing the core we have developed : Sophy Min Excel®
Sophy Lick® is a range of lick buckets whose formulation is adapted to the physiological stages of ruminants.
Sophy Bloc® is our range of mineral licking stones.
Sophy Lit® is our range of high-performance litter conditioners
Sophy Aqua® is a range of water treatment products for the aquaculture industry that improves the quality of water of production basin for the shrimp and freshwater fish.